As our team got together for morning prayer, we discussed the importance of having God lead each of our searches. In a ministry full of systems and processes, we all agree that the most important part of searching for a pastor or filling a pastoral position is being led by the Spirit.

Individually, and as a team, we always ask God to direct each step we take, thought we have, word we speak, and even breath we take. We fully believe that our faith is played out in our actions, but we also agree that trying to guide our clients and candidates through this tough process is futile if not God-led.

If your church is in the process of trying to find a pastor for your staff, I encourage you to continue to beg God for His guidance and wisdom. My experience shows that when we are close to Him, He will give us the intuitive thoughts, direction, and insight we need.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and experience.

Who is leading your search?
What does that look like?
How can you tell the difference between what God wants vs. what “I” want?