Over the last week, our team has filled 3 very important positions. I couldn’t be more proud of how they handled each search.

One was a Children’s Pastor search for a large church in the northeast. Our search consultants found a number of candidates to present to the church. They ended up hiring a candidate who lives in the area, fits the culture well, and aligns perfectly with the doctrine of the church.  The candidate is quite special as she possesses the ministry expertise AND the leadership chops our client needs to go to the next level. This search was completed in less than 90 days.

The second was a Senior Pastor search for a church in Illinois. This search was quite challenging as there were some unique doctrine, style, and leadership qualities necessary. The church has a diverse makeup with people from many different denominations, life stages, and cultures. We had to find the RIGHT leader who was the perfect fit. After considering close to 500 candidates and narrowing the search down to 8, the perfect candidate became evident. The church just voted with a 99% vote of affirmation.

The third was a Lead Pastor search for a thriving church of more than 1000 in weekly attendance on 3 campuses. Close to 5000 candidates were exposed to the position and our team, along with the elders of the church, narrowed it down to the candidate who fit the profile perfectly. He had the experience this church needs to lead them for years to come. The team filled this position in less than 6 months.

I’m so proud of how hard they worked to find the RIGHT candidates for our clients. It’s such a blessing to work alongside such great people.