Recently, it seems I’ve had more conversations with church leaders and staff who are saying things aren’t working out. Meaning, a church hires a new staff member, and within several months or years, they’re saying, “it’s just not a fit.”

Several of the reasons I hear:

  • We don’t fit culturally
  • He can’t do the job
  • The job is different then they said
  • Promises were made that haven’t been kept
  • Differing doctrinal/theological beliefs
  • We’re on different pages
  • There’s a problem with compensation

I could comment on how each of these, and many other s, are unacceptable and unnecessary – they should NEVER come up if the proper prayer, preparation, and screening happen. Before a hire is made, we often hear “He’s the one” or “God’s in this” Yet, after the fact, when we press in on these issues, we almost always find out they weren’t really discussed. Sure, there was some discussion, but rarely was there enough diligence in discussing and processing these types of issues.

Why? One reason is most don’t really enjoy this part of the process. Hard conversations aren’t fun. That’s our job at MinisterSearch, and we don’t really enjoy confronting or challenging, but we have to. And so do you if you’re considering making a new hire or moving your family away from “home.” Other reasons are “That’s not spiritual…” or “That’s too corporate…” – that’s code for “I don’t understand” or “we’ve never done it that way” The list goes on. The bottom line is a significant responsibility to do

If you’re looking to hire or considering making a move to a new position, be diligent! Ask the tough questions, then ask them again of others. It’s much better to find out things aren’t a match before the move…


Coming soon – What does a facebook/MySpace page say about a candidate and their possible “fit?”