I receive different devotionals, daily thoughts, comments on scripture, etc through email and of course as I talk with others and attend church…

So many times, it seems like, regardless of the situation being discussed, the answer is always ‘you just need to let Jesus take it…” Recently, I read one that was talking about our desire for relationships and how we sometimes get into unhealthy relationships. The author said, “if you’re in a bad relationship, walk away and let God be there for you…”

I understand and believe that ( most of the time, i think). The problem I have is, if I was there or knew how to get there (to that healthy place with God), I wouldn’t need the email telling me “i need God.”

What I’m hoping is that we can start sharing with each other the “HOW TO” instead of the “where you need to be.” If I know I need to get to New York City for some reason, I can’t just say “David, you need to get to NYC.” I have to have a map to show me how to get there and the appropriate resources to help me on that journey.

I’m just as guilty as this and want to become part of the solution. So, what I’m asking – let’s start sharing the steps we need to take (road map) to get us to our solution – GOD. I know I’m broken – I know I need God – sometimes, I’m not able to get there without help…

What I’m learning I need to do to get where I need to be going:
-recognize my selfishness – my self will that typically takes me in the wrong direction
-talking with God about it, asking Him to remove that and direct my actions/thoughts/etc.
-talking with another about it – making sure I’m getting godly counsel
-ACTION – taking those steps
-getting out of myself by helping someone else – this is something that makes absolutely NO sense to me. But, as I look at those who have what I want, to a person, they ALL live lives that are focused on others – selfless, humble servants

OK – that’s my rant for today – God, please show me the steps to get where you want me going