I received this text from Steve Huskey, a Senior Pastor we placed at a church not long ago, and I wanted to share.

Pastor Steve and his wife Shawna

Things here are awesome. We’ve had some great things happening at Faith—God is blessing us big time. Attendance is better than it’s been in 2 years. Had 1000+ in the house this morning, including the University of North Alabama football team. Lots of new faces coming. People getting saved and baptized! Going to 2 services in September. Launching a Jr. high and college ministry as well. Just got almost 600 adults to commit to serve in ministry!
Finances are catching up too. July was the best month financially in 2 years. God is Good!! Still lots to do, changes to make, and challenges to face, but we are moving in a great direction. It’s going great! Thanks again for making the connection between me and Faith. Blessings!!

Faith Church after Pastor Steve and Shawna arrive

This is just one example of many that we hear on a regular basis – it shows the results of our team’s focus on making the RIGHT match – I couldn’t be more proud of their efforts on this and all of our searches.

I’d love to hear you hiring success stories or some of those challenges you’ve faced in hiring and/or looking for a ministry position.