It’s really hard to express adequately in words the depth of my gratitude for the role that God has had you play in leading me to our new ministry in CA.

When I first responded to the opening in Monterrey that I found in a larger job listing website, I really didn’t know what to expect. When you first called, I assumed that you would march me through a typical “grill session” regarding my resume, etc. I was shocked that for almost an hour and half, though we did touch on the resume, you attempted to know me, my wife and my family – not just what I’ve done in ministry. (I don’t need to tell you that this has sparked what I trust will be a lifetime friendship as well.) Your experience and knowledge of what churches are looking for guided me in re-examining and revising my resume and statement of ministry.

When it came time to introduce me to the church, my wife and I were extremely grateful for your leadership in planning and organizing both the phone interviews as well as the personal visits with us and the search committee. Knowing ahead of time what to expect took a lot of stress out of an already stressful process.

We cannot tell you how valuable our “debrief” times after interactions with the search committee were. There were often questions that arose in our minds about how or why certain questions were asked or statements were made. What amazed us is that you knew the church well enough to either give us an answer or get it directly from the church. Having you as an advocate opened up a level of honest and transparent communication between us and the church that we probably couldn’t have reached on our own.

My wife and I prayed for 18 months that God would someday open the door to a ministry that best aligned with our giftedness, passion and experience. Today we’re praising Him because He’s used your knowledge, your experience and your skill in answering that prayer. And I’m confident that you will represent our church in the future as well as you have represented us personally. Thanks so much!

Serving Him for Your Sake,

Senior Pastor