Conducting an interview for a ministry position raises lots of questions about proper techniques, agendas, and so forth. Here are a few GENERAL ideas that we at MinisterSearch feel are BEST for the FIRST interview. You don’t need to cover everything in the first interview, but cover as much as you can with the mindset of “Do we move to the next level or not?” In other words, you’re not deciding whether to hire on the first interview, instead you’re deciding if the candidate is a “go” or “no go” for interview 2? 

If possible, use a video conferencing option – that way you can see each other and have more than just verbal communication to consider.

  • Introduce those involved in the interview
  • Set an agenda – let the candidate know what to expect
  • Tell him a little about you and the church
    • Talk a bit about the position/vision/future
  • Ask him about his background, ministry experience, family
    • Have some other strategic, specific, and pointed questions (more coming on this soon)
  • Let him ask you some questions
  • Thank him for his time and let him know you’ll be in touch soon to discuss next steps
  • FOLLOW UP – let him know what you decide within a day or so

What do you do on a first interview?