I served on the pastor search committee of First Baptist Church in Coppell, Texas. As an active deacon in the church, I was excited about being involved in sourcing God’s next leader for our local body.

When we first heard of David Lyons and MinisterSearch, I was excited because I had long believed that the method for the search process in the church world was quite lacking.

From the moment we first met with David, I thought everything he brought to the table was extremely helpful. David was an incredibly good listener. He worked very hard to learn the DNA of our church and was very honest with us on how that shaped our search. David was honest with our committee but never overbearing. I felt like he researched our candidates well– giving us a lot of information about them and they had an incredibly diligent process that was invaluable.

In the end, I believe David’s greatest practical asset was that he exposed our committee to candidates that I’m convinced we never would have had any exposure to or interest from on our own and this was huge.

Most importantly, I think David is trustworthy. I have gotten to know him, his wife, and their children; and I have enjoyed and appreciated his friendship. David is a good guy, a great father, and does a good job of helping churches.

I would recommend him, and I anticipate using him when God allows me to again be in a position to do so.

Connor Bales