That’s the text I JUST received from an elder of one of our church clients.

I couldn’t be more proud of Todd Parks and the rest of our team. Just 3 months ago, I was sitting with an elder board of a church who had lost their Sr. Pastor. He had been with them for years, and it was a very emotional experience.

Together, with the staff and leaders, we rallied around them and put a plan in place to find their new Sr. Pastor while working on restoring their church to health.

Last night, the elders voted to unanimously call their new Sr. Pastor and he accepted. All of us are so excited to see what God is going to do here.

Below are a few stats:

  • Contacted 3000+ Sr. Pastor candidates for this position
  • Screened over 200 resumes
  • Took 25+ candidates to a deeper level of vetting
  • Sent 4 candidates to the church for review

Filling a pastoral position is so much more than just finding candidates to interview. Determining what needs to happen in the interim and addressing the best ways to get the church back on or to stay on track are essential. I’m proud that our team is focused on it all – they’re not just about “closing a deal.” They’re about guiding each church client through a Christ-centered process.

Would love to hear any thoughts, comments, or questions.