by Matt McKee

Pastors, leaders, volunteers, and yes even you who just sit in the pew, what are the main questions that you are struggling with and wrestling over as a church? I hope it is not the color of the carpet or trying to decide who is bringing the chicken to the pot luck. I hope it is something much bigger. The issue is until we start asking the right questions then there is no way we can get to better solutions.

If I could lean into every church and have them discuss these 5 questions I believe the church as a whole would be better off. What are my five questions?

Here goes:

1. What problem(s) are we solving for our community?
2. What is our strategy for both online and offline when communicating the greatest message of all time?
3. How many jobs/volunteer opportunities can we create in the next year?
4. How can we move faith from an interruption to an integration into someone’s life?
5. When are we going to say it is time to go instead of always asking people to come to us?

I could write a book on each question. In fact I just might.

What are your questions that you wish every church would be asking today?

Matt is on staff with The reThink Group, in social media, leadership, and marketing communications roles. More importantly, he is a husband of one and father of two.