I’m often asked, “How long will this take?” Of course, I’ve learned to under-promise knowing all the challenges that come with finding the RIGHT pastor for our clients.

I thought I’d share some fact from a Senior Pastor Search for a mega church our team recently filled:

This church had gone through challenges with the departure of their last Senior Pastor, and there were a lot of emotions attached to that. Being sensitive to those feelings while pressing on in the search were very important. We went on-site and spent quite a bit of time with the staff, elders, board, and search team – we even spent a Sunday worshipping with them to really learn who they were and who they needed in a Sr. Pastor.

Below are some of the data points from the search:

Candidates who viewed position: Approximately 15,000
Candidates screened by MinisterSearch: 467
Candidates taken to second level of screening by MinisterSearch: 167
Candidates interviewed by MinisterSearch: 9
Total time of Search: 3 months

I couldn’t be more proud of our team – while filling a mega-church Senior Pastor position in only 3 months is the exception to the rule, they did a great job.

What we continue to hear from this client and others is how much they appreciate how we handle the whole process – the Minister Search process is NOT just about “finding” candidates for our church clients. In fact, I believe that’s just a small part of how we help. Our team walks with the church and each candidate throughout the entire interview process acting as consultant, counselor, and friend. Most importantly, we are there to pray for and with as both try to seek God’s will – THAT is what it’s all about!

I’d love to hear your questions and/or comments of the facts above – do you feel that’s typical for a church that does it on their own? Is it necessary to go through all that? Anything else?