POSITION TITLE: Executive Pastor


SALARY RANGE: Commensurate With Experience

DENOMINATION: NonDenominational

MinisterSearch is very pleased to offer a great opportunity for Senior Leadership candidates at a friendly, caring church that is community focused, located in a fantastic area of San Diego. This church is poised to go to the next level with the right person in the role of Executive Pastor. 

Common words and phrases used to describe this church by its members are “friendly,” “family,” “a sense of home,” and “a sense of community.” Many in the congregation also said that they began attending because they were personally invited by members of the church and fell in love with the community and their worship experience – they feel like it is a place where they can grow spiritually. And, they have the resources, staff, ministry volunteers, and congregational support to do God’s work! 

Their vision is to equip people to love and serve Jesus Christ by helping people grow in a personal relationship with Christ, with fellow Christians, and in practical love for all people. The Executive Pastor will support and promote the vision, purpose, promise and principles of the Church. Some of the requirements for this position include a person who will: be a supportive, collaborative partner of the Sr. Pastor; mentor, shepherd, and oversee the ministerial staff; and provide support and encouragement to the congregation. 

In addition to a great ministry opportunity, the location of this church is fantastic — members come from several upscale enclaves of San Diego. The church is located in the University City/Sorrento Valley communities of San Diego. It is nestled within the University Towne Centre area which borders the University of California San Diego campus, and the Marine Corp Air Station-Miramar is located just east of the Church. 

This position offers the best of both worlds: a great church in a beautiful, historic city that offers myriad opportunities for entertainment– with a climate that allows you to be outdoors virtually every day of the year! 


  • Responsible for supporting and promoting the vision, purpose, promise and principles of the Church as defined by the Board of Trustees. Primary responsibilities directly align with and support the strategic vision implementation plan. Specifically:
    • In collaboration with the Senior Pastor, implement and oversee the strategic vision plan which initially focuses on a three-year implementation.
    • Effectively lead and oversee ministry staff, with emphasis on a “leader of leaders or player/coach” leadership approach.
    • Champion the effort to grow the membership and development of the millennial/intergenerational ministry.

Church Operation and Strategic Vision Implementation:

  • Direct oversight and implementation of the strategic vision implementation plan to support the re-launch and recommitment of members to the church.
  • In collaboration with the Senior Pastor and Board of Trustees, work to expand worship, ministry and service opportunities in response to the outcomes of the strategic plan recommendations.
  • Provide direct supervision and guidance to the Ministry staff as relates to the staff responsibilities in the strategic plan implementation.
  • Participate with the Senior Pastor in maintaining the fiscal and spiritual health of the church by encouraging the members in their faith walk.
  • Work collaboratively with the CFO/Executive Director to understand and utilize the budget effectively and remain within budget guidelines.
    Participate in and promote programs, activities, and events that support the vision, purpose, promise and principles of the organization.

Ministry Staff and General Leadership:

  • Function as the direct supervisor and leader for ministry staff, including spiritual development, role and responsibility accountability, and any other supervisory/leadership requirements.
  • Develop a network of volunteer teams, and provide direction and support, to help Ministry Staff and Ministry Volunteer leaders recruit and train others for small groups and ministries.
  • Oversee ministry operations, which specifically includes working closely with the CFO in an executive capacity, administrating and managing ministry budgets, representing and advocating for staff and ministry teams, and general operational and ministry administrative oversight.
  • Continually evaluate and encourage staff development, effective and appropriate use of staff gifts (both spiritual and professional), and oversee accountability of each staff in their prospective roles.
  • Ensure clear roles, responsibilities, accountability, schedules, and continuously build staff unity.
  • Exemplify the player/coach, truth, and grace approach to leadership.

Millennial and Intergenerational Growth and Ministry Champion:

  • Responsible for growing the attendance of young adults and families (parents age 25-45) at the church.
  • Provide oversight to the Spiritual Foundation of post high school adults.
  • Develop a life group network for young adults, professionals and other millennial/intergenerational groups.
  • Envision and evaluate ministry and worship events and opportunities (including new worship service/formats) that align with the needs and expressions of this emerging group.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.
    Additional Responsibilities to Supplement and Enhance Pastoral Role:
  • In collaboration with the Senior Pastor, lead discipleship experiences that continually expose believers to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, enable them to share their faith story, utilize their spiritual gifts, and foster and encourage spiritual growth for all membership groups.
  • Develop and participate in ministry events that give believers the opportunity to invite friends to church activities that result in an exposure to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Commit to his own ongoing personal growth and development as a disciple of Jesus and as a pastor.
  • Participate in a life group.


  • Seminary Degree is required.
  • An advanced degree in ministry or Biblical training (M.A./M.Div.) is preferred.
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience in a Pastoral or Ministry role.
  • Must be an excellent communicator and relational with a diverse population of people..
  • Demonstrated experience and track-record building and sustaining volunteer networks, with focus on a “leader of leaders” approach.
  • Must demonstrate the ability to connect, engage and influence individuals of the “millennial” and “generation Y” demographics.
  • Must demonstrate confidence and discretion in giving Biblical counsel.
  • Must demonstrate the ability to build relationships and foster the building of relationships among others such as with staff, volunteers and church members and attendees.
  • Must be skilled in formulating and implementing plans.

 Please make sure you meet all requirements and qualifications. If you do and would like to apply, please apply here.

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