by Matt McKee

There is something so humbling about coming to the beach. The breathtaking beauty of a sunrise. The mighty, roaring vastness of the ocean. The endless stretching of beautiful sand. A storm rolling in across the water. The delicate balance of the many creatures that coexist here. I remember how small I am. I think it’s also important to remember, though, that all of these amazing and powerful things are just pointing back to their Creator. God didn’t make the sunset just for beauty’s sake, but so that it’s beauty would inspire praise to Him. The roaring ocean calls its ceaseless praise to Him. The water, sand, living things, tides, the movements of the sun and earth – everything has its role to play in continuing this amazing place where it is a little easier to see how big and awesome God is.

I think as people, especially as leaders, its easy to get focused on our own small worlds and how important we are in them. It’s so good to get away to a place like this to remember that God is so much bigger than my small world. But also, He is the Creator of my life and everything I do, and every single person and event that are a part of my life are of equal importance. Everyone has a role to play, and that role was designed by God to direct celebration back to Him. We can’t always see the big picture of what God has planned, but it’s good to step back and remember that He is the Designer and we are just playing the parts He has marked for us.

Matt is on staff with The reThink Group, in social media, leadership, and marketing communications roles. More importantly, he is a husband of one and father of two.