by David Lyons

What can you do in order to make the best hiring decisions? How do you ensure that you recruit the right person to fill an important role in your church? Remember, hiring right is far better than hiring fast or hiring wrong.

One important aspect of the hiring phase has to do with what you do before interviewing candidates. You shouldn’t just show up, ask some general questions, and somehow be able to make a decision. Having a plan in place is necessary to hire right.

Before you ever start looking for candidates for the ministry opportunity, you’ll want to have a list of interview questions that every candidate will have to answer. You should know the answers to these questions ahead of time and those involved in the interview process should all be on the same page when it comes to what sorts of answers everyone is looking for, otherwise you’re setting yourselves up for confusion. Having established interview questions will help you all retain objectivity in the process and will also serve to hold you accountable to what you’ve already determined is the profile for your candidate.

It’s too easy during interviews to stray from your plan and expectations especially if you sense a certain chemistry or relational connectivity with a candidate. Be careful not to mistake a “feeling” as the “Lord’s lead.” The purpose of preparing a list of questions that all your candidates will answer is to keep you focused and on track. It also helps in that every candidate will go through the same process, meaning that they will go through the same filter or the same lens. Covering the same bases with each candidate will also help you avoid personal preferences, subjectivity, and will help keep your emotional responses in check.

But remember, if a candidate doesn’t meet the expectations of your profile, you really need to move on to someone else.

Do you agree? What are some questions you ask and how exactly do you ask them?