Lately, I’m thinking about how we make the best hiring decisions. How to determine the best fit or match or compatibility.

While there are MANY parts to this discussion/line of thinking, one of the first things we must do is “spec” out the position . . . determine things like:

  • What “is” the open position?
  • Is it the highest priority opening (considering budget)?
  • Should the position be filled or put on hold or taken off the org chart?
  • Does this position support the mission/vision/values of the organization?
  • Is there a job description?
  • Is that job description specific enough to qualify candidate and to set goals and objectives once a hire is made?
  • Has a profile for the ideal candidate been developed (before considering any candidate either internal or external)?

These are just a few of the questions that should be asked and answered prior to beginning a search… Oftentimes, we let the “vacated position” or candidates we know develop the position which can lead to a lot of pain if we’re not careful.

We need to consider being more dilegent on the front end to prevent making as many mishires…