Folks are often hesitant to use the term “headhunter” when they talk with us… I’m not sure why other than it must have some negative connotations associated with it. We will often jokingly refer to ourselves as Headhunters for God.  The reality of what we do has actually very little to do with headhunting and lots to do with finding the right match for churches, pastors, and ministers – we don’t joke about that at all. It’s serious business and we understand the significance of our role. We don’t do this to get rich or to make a deal – we do it because we love the church and our Father and believe He has given us gifts to share with others.

We are passionate about helping pastors, ministers, and churches find the right match so the churn and turnover will decrease. We have several things in place to effect that. What do you think makes the most difference?

Church Staff – Pastor – Minister – Headhunter – Staffing Agency – Maybe?