In less than 6 months, the MinisterSearch team filled the Senior Pastor position below with a great candidate.

In the first 4 months with their new Sr. Pastor, the church experienced 20% growth and a renewed vision! Conversions, Baptisms, and giving are all up. Within the first 6 months, giving was better than it had been in years. Incredible things are happening at this church!

A great opportunity for spirit-filled Senior and Lead Pastor Candidates – this church in the Northern Alabama area (outside Huntsville) is a GREAT opportunity for someone to come in and have a tremendous impact.

Check out this the video below for a little information in the position:

This church has a strong history in the community and is well respected my many. They are looking for a Sr. Pastor who can come in and cast a strong vision, lead the team, and preach the Word in a relevant style. The Elders and Trustees are wonderful and are ready to support the Sr. Pastor in whatever ways he needs. The right candidate will be a spirit-filled, energetic leader who is progressive in their approach to ministry and leadership. He will be a relational pastor who likes being ‘with the people.’

If you meet the qualifications and are interested in learning more, please forward a cover email, resume (in WORD format), and links to videos to us at resumes@ministersearch.com.  If there is a possible match, one of our search consultants will contact you for an interview.

DENOMINATION: Non-denominational (spirit-filled)
COMPENSATION: Excellent compensation plan
The primary responsibility of the Senior Pastor is to give himself to the ministry of the Word and prayer, seeking to walk uprightly before the Lord in his personal life while seeking the mind of God on behalf of the congregation

  • He shall, in all ways, endeavor to lead and teach the congregation according to the precepts of Holy Scripture, holding true to the church’s Statement of Faith, Statement of Nature and Mission, Constitution, By-Laws and Governing Policies
  • Honor the history of the church and prepare for its future. He will help to equip the saints for the work of the ministry
  • Be faithful in the exposition of Scripture so that the congregation may grow in their understanding and application of the Word of God
  • Help protect the flock from false teaching and to unite the leadership in the shepherding of the flock (Ephesians 4:11-14; Acts 20:28)
  • Establish the vision and direction for the church, with the support of the Board of Elders
  • Be the primary spiritual leader and primary communicator of the church’s vision to staff, congregation (member, attendees, seekers), and the community at large
  • Systematically train disciples and equip the saints for the work of the ministry through personal modeling, mentoring, and programming
  • Meet regularly with the staff as a team and individually
  • Maintain regular office hours
  • Create goal ownership and a sense of shared purpose among the lay leaders through leading by example, involving others in the decision-making process, and actively participating in meetings and events
  • Conduct weddings and funeral services, perform baby dedications and baptisms as necessary
  • Visit people in the midst of crises (i.e., death, serious sickness, trauma, or other significant events), where Senior Pastoral care is required. Share in regular pastoral care when unexpected events cause the need for assistance
  • Counsel those in spiritual need and comforts bereaved, assisting persons facing problems of decisions
  • Promote care and nurture within the congregation
  • Provide education, training and counseling in all areas of Christian living
  • Oversee and guide the church members to responsible Biblical financial principles and giving through wise stewardship development
  • Encourage challenging opportunities for ministry
  • Oversee religious and education programs. He is to ensure programs and curricula are in keeping with the overall goals and philosophy of the church
  • Lead the church in efforts to target and win the lost and un-churched in the Tennessee Valley
  • Work with the Elders to approve church budgets for all ministries
  • Responsible with the Elders to support home and foreign missions

The Senior Pastor shall be considered the Senior Elder of the Church and shall oversee all its activities

  • He shall be an ex-officio member of all committees and departments of the Church.
  • Will give leadership to the Associate and/or Assistant Pastor, Staff Elders, the professional Church staff, the Elder and Deacon boards
  • Work with an existing leadership team to achieve the stated goals of the church
  • Be in full agreement with the church’s confession of faith and constitution
  • With consultation of the Elders, oversee all staff and be responsible for the hiring and termination of any and all staff


  • At least 5 years of successful, growing ministry experience
  • A dynamic teacher and preacher
  • A passion for teaching the truth while being VERY compassionate to those he leads
  • A humble servant – NOT hung up on titles or position
  • Be baptized in the Holy Spirit
  • A history and willingness to tithe to his local church
  • A love for young people
  • Ability to interact and respect all ages
  • Committed to personal regular accountability with other men of the church staff, Elders, Deacons, church membership, and with other believers outside this church
    o    Have a demonstrated pattern of maintaining such relationships
  • Committed to maintaining a scheduled family time, including weekly-protected time and annual vacation periods

If you meet the qualifications and are interested in learning more, please forward a cover email, resume (in WORD format), and links to videos to us at resumes@ministersearch.com. If there is a possible match, one of our search consultants will contact you for an interview.