Don't Do It - Monday Musings

On occasion we encounter some really great stories about a new hire’s first day. With the focus and intentionality of what we do every day to find the right candidate for the top churches we serve, we have a true appreciation for these real-life bloopers.

#5 Your Feet Don’t Go There Putting your feet up on your desk does not communicate well. This truly is reserved only for the boss-man.

#4 One Hour Equals 60 Minutes It’s called a “lunch hour,” not a “lunch afternoon.”

#3 Naptime Is For Kindergartners If your boss slamming his door does not wake you up, you probably need to get help for potential narcolepsy.

#2 Limit Dating to After Hours Probably not a great idea to be distracted with your perfect match alerts from the dating site you are a part of.

#1 Can I Help You Find a Job Looking for another job while on the clock.. do we need to explain this one??