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This has been the best interview process that I have participated in by a large margin. In my opinion your team is doing it the way it should be done. So thank you for that.

I just wanted to thank you for everything through this process. You’ve been so encouragingand helpful and have helped me see things in myself that I never really grasped. You’ve given me the courage to pursue some of these jobs that I wouldn’t have applied for. So thank you for everything… you have been awesome!

Your interview the other day was the most thorough I’ve ever had. I appreciated how well thought out the questions were, and how much they targeted the core of who I am as a servant of God in children’s ministry. Thank you for the work and passion you put into your ministry.

I am not in a position to hire anyone, but the principles they taught were transferable to finding good volunteers and team members. As we look to grow, I will be applying many of idea I learned, and I will be going back and making sure I have “given a playbook” to all my current volunteers.



Are Your First-Time Guests Second-Time Guests?

Are Your First-Time Guests Second-Time Guests?

If you attend a church regularly, you’ve probably noticed the phenomenon. A guest shows up for a worship service, but he or she never returns. It is, unfortunately, a common issue in many churches.
I did a Twitter poll to ask these first-time guests why they chose not to return to a particular church. While some of the responses were anticipated, I admit being a bit surprised with some of them.

Culture Matters!

Culture Matters!

Over the years, we’ve been able to identify several areas that affect the long-term success of a new pastoral staff member. One key area is CULTURE. One of the reasons churches and pastoral staff have struggled is there hasn’t been enough attention given to defining and matching cultures. Most have assumed that if someone “believed” the same things and was called or passionate about a specific area of ministry that was enough. However, the high turnover rate among pastoral staff has proven that not to be the case.

Marriage Ministry: What Works, What Doesn’t

Marriage Ministry: What Works, What Doesn’t

For years, we’ve both experienced the joy and privilege of helping other church leaders. Some of this has taken place face to face; much of it has happened through gatherings at conferences. The point is, we’ve gotten a lot of feedback about what works and what doesn’t in marriage ministry. The good, bad, and ugly of feedback has become the fodder for what you’ve been reading. We’ve listened carefully to other leaders who have taken these principles and applied them to their unique church settings.


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Are you or someone you know struggling with some sort of addiction or substance abuse? Have you prayed and prayed for God to remove it but feel like you may never get clear of it? Have you wondered why others can say a prayer, be prayed over, or walk an aisle and be “delivered” from their issues, while nothing seems to work for you? Do you feel like you’ve tried everything but nothing’s working?

Are you in a marriage that seems hopeless? Do you feel like you and your spouse may never have the relationship you believe God (and you) desire?

Are you a pastor, church leader, or a Christian who feels there’s nowhere to turn? Do you desperately want to talk with someone but are afraid what may happen when they or others “find out?”

I understand – I’ve answered YES to every one of those questions at some point in my life – and yes, some recently. After years of battling addiction and personal demons, I began to experience some of what I believe God has for me. My journey has been, and continues to be, more challenging than other stories I hear, but I’m now ok with that. I’ve learned to have peace in the midst of a storm, hope when things seem hopeless, to experience Jesus in a way that I never would had I not had to walk this path.

There is hope, even for those who seem hopeless.

I don’t have all the answers, but I know others need help and I want to help. If you or someone you know is dealing with any of the issues mentioned above or similar things, please contact me.

Contact me any time, day or night:
David Lyons
Personal cell – 347.788.1870

Confidentiality will be respected. Our line of work (Minister Search) requires a tremendous amount of confidentiality and I’ve personally experienced what happens when others, in and out of the church world, don’t respect confidentiality.

If you have experienced some of what I have and are interested in helping others, please contact me. Also, please pray for us as we pursue God’s lead on a new project. I believe there are thousands of pastors, church leaders, and Christians who feel they have nowhere to turn or feel like nothing will work. Nobody understands this better than someone who’s been there and I have been there. I know there’s a way out and want to help others experience it.

We are in the early stages of starting a worldwide community to see Christ followers experience a freedom they never knew they could.

If you’re interested in being a part of this, please let me know. Also, to anyone who reads this, please pray for us as we walk this path and pray for all of those who feel hopeless.

God wants us free and has the answer for us – we just have to experience exactly what it is.